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New & Selected Poems of Cecilia Vicuña
Kelsey Street Press, 2018

“Herself a tempest (with all the destructive force of history directly behind), [Vicuña] keeps deep dread at bay. We wander in wondrous dalliance onto the clearing time and again.”

Rodrigo Toscano


Best of 2018, Entropy

Small Press Distribution Bestseller

Available at: Kelsey Street Press // Small Press Distribution

Spit Temple: Selected Performances of Cecilia Vicuña
Ugly Duckling Presse, 2012

Spit Temple, woven by the brilliant hands of Rosa Alcalá, is an enormous cloud, the enormity of which is unspeakably moving and beautiful. The two shaman artists, Vicuña and Alcalá, offer us the rarest of rare salve for all of Earth’s memories.”

Don Mee Choi, PEN Award Judge


Runner-up PEN Award for Poetry in Translation

Small Press Distribution Bestseller

Available at: Ugly Duckling Presse // Small Press Distribution

Guardians of the Secret by Lila Zemborain
Noemi Press, 2009

“If you are lucky, you will read these poems and discover something about how you were made, as well as possibilities of what you may become. These poems’ secrets are within you.”

Eileen Tabios


Available at: Noemi Press // Small Press Distribution

Mauve Sea-Orchids by Lila Zemborain (with Mónica de la Torre)
Belladonna Books, 2007

“Lila Zemborain brings into relationship the viscera of the body and the spill of the universe in tense compositions that blur distinctions between lyric and prose poetry, between science and eros.”

Forrest Gander


Available at: Belladonna Books // Small Press Distribution

Bestiary: Selected Poems, 1986-1997 by Lourdes Vázquez
Bilingual Press, 2004



Available at: Bilingual Press // Small Press Distribution

cloud-net by Cecilia Vicuña
Art in General, 1999




Information at: Cecilia Vicuña


Palabra e hilo/ Word & Thread by Cecilia Vicuña
Morning Star Publications, 1996




Information at: Cecilia Vicuña

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